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Ancient Greek Pankration is the precursor of mixed martial sport events that are taking place at the present time. Such events as the UFC, Pride Fighting Championships, Shoot Wrestling, Cage Fighting, the International Fight League, etc. were practiced by the ancient Greeks centuries ago. Although, under the name of Pankration. They say that there is nothing new under the sun! There is much truth in this statement. Those of you who compete in such contests or who are dedicated fans of this sport will find these books a must for your library.

Mr. Andreas V. Georgiou dedicated eight years of his life to write these books. Andreas is not just an armchair and intellectual warrior, he is also a direct participant of combat sports. He is also the holder of a black belt in Jujitsu and a student of the martial arts.

Volume 1, the first volume of this book consists of: history and popularity of Pankration, the rules, skills and specialization, training, etc. The second volume consists of: striking techniques, locking techniques, choking techniques, throws and takedowns, strategy and tactics, pressure points, etc.

Philosophy began in ancient Greece and Andreas has taken a philosophical approach in writing these manuals. Philosophy teaches us this important lesson: When the philosopher investigates, he bases his investigation on evidence, examination, and evaluation. This is how he decides all matters of belief and conduct. The Greek philosophers and their modern day counterparts believe that philosophy involves reason, criticism, examination, and analysis.

The Pankration techniques listed in these manuals come from ancient Greek art objects and historical documents. Mr. Georgiou assiduously and carefully researched all the facts in these manuals. His research took him to Greece and other countries of Europe. He went to the most important museums in Europe and the United States. All of the ancient Greek art objects and historical manuscripts were studied the way a Microbiologist studies microscopic organisms. His interpretation and understanding are quite accurate. The secret of the Pankration techniques are in the art objects which are listed in these books. The readers can study the illustrations for themselves and come to the same conclusions as Andreas did. No techniques are invented by the author! All of the techniques that are listed in these manuals are authentic; therefore, I highly recommend these manuals and endorse them.

Final note: Have all the techniques of ancient Greek Pankration been listed? Of course not! It would have been impossible to do so. Much of the history and techniques have been lost to us. There have been wars, conquests, upheavals, destruction of historical libraries, and annihilation and eradication of ancient Greek civilization. Therefore, many of the historical records have been lost or destroyed by time itself. What is actually known is due to Greek art historians. The submission holds on the ground have not been recorded on the Greek artifacts. Therefore, we can only speculate and guess on their submission ground fighting techniques. Nevertheless, Mr. Andreas V. Georgiou has done an excellent job in putting together these two Pankration books. He is to be commended for his efforts and research in writing Pankration Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.

Norm Leff

Menkyo Kaiden Shihan


Head Master of Tadamori Ryu Kempo Jujutsu

Specialist in hand to hand combat

More than 50 years experience in the martial arts

Author of articles, book and videos







A Book for the Martial Arts Scholar of Ancient Western Warriors

After writing my book I became interested in how close my work was to the training of athletes in the Greek sport of Pankration. Professor Andreas Georgiou has written a concise and informative book that is a scholarly introduction to the historical birth and evolution of Pankration. This book is for a reader who appreciates well-researched material who wants to further a specialized knowledge of early-Western Civilization or a well-versed Martial Scientist.

If you are a student of Martial Science and its development this book, even in its first volume is a must-seek. If you wanted to know if there is any existing information that challenges the idea that sophisticated Martial Art systems may not have begun in Asia then this book is a must-see. If you are a trainer who wishes to compare your training regimen to the ancient ones used by ancient youth and adult Pankration Instructors this book is a must- have. If you are a Martial Arts author who wishes to integrate traditional Asian Martial Arts systems with modern, Western, systems of sport-combat this book and its continuing volumes is a potential treasure.


Master Gurjot K. Singh, M Ed.

Retired Army Ranger and MMA Gym Owner

Author of The Art Of Western Tai Chi Ch'uan: The Supreme Ultimate & Sweet Science Of Boxing With 10 Limbs







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